An Android application which periodically checks updates for installed apps, on devices without the Play Store.

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ApkTrack is a simple Android application which periodically checks if your installed apps can be updated.

It was created for users who don't use the Google Play Store, but still need to know when new APKs are available for their apps. ApkTrack performs simple website scraping to grab the latest versions of packages present on the device.

This application is distributed under the terms of the GPL v3 License.


ApkTrack screenshot

That's it!

Things to keep in mind


A precompiled version of the application can be found here: ApkTrack 1.1.
If you want to help me test ApkTrack, feel free to use the beta version. More features are implemented, but bugs may occur! Be sure to report them!


ApkTrack is completely free, and I don't expect any kind of compensation for using this application. I do like Bitcoins though, so if you want to send some my way, here's an address you can use: 19wFVDUWhrjRe3rPCsokhcf1w9Stj3Sr6K
Feel free to drop me a line if you donate to the project, so I can thank you personally!